About Us

KOOPOR [/ˈkubɚ/] = COOL VAPOR !

KOOPOR is an attitude.

KOOPOR is fresh and young. Young is our attitude! We believe that the APV(Advanced Personal Vaporizer) is a revolution, which brings a healthier life for us. We seek the high performance, reliable and affordable APVs all the time. KOOPOR is on the way to design and make great APVs, for everyone, cost-effective and affordable! We firmly oppose extravagant profits, and insist to feed our customers by highly cost-effective ones.

KOOPOR is a big family.

KOOPOR, when its design and team-boosting from the moment of conception, is deeply suffering from the impact of global vaping players: we’re talking and sharing with each other in forums, in Facebook timelines, in tweets. We’re listening and feeling surprise, revelry, disappointment and frustration among us, finally, we are full of hope again, like a family. Hope, yeah, we would like to make better goods for this big family! KOOPOR is born for this big family.